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Video about unprotected sex right before expected period:

Can I Get Pregnant The Day Before My Period

Unprotected sex right before expected period. The Morning After Pill.

Unprotected sex right before expected period

Like with brown discharge, pink discharge is usually no cause for concern. LI lilypad94 21 Mar I was wantng to know if i would be safevi have been following up qitg my depo shot and keeping track of my periods but the thing is my periods don tshow that started my period but i know that's normal Stomach cramps after your period could be your body simply readjusting out of your cycle. In extreme cases, the bleeding may be related to certain types of cancer. The color of the blood may be pink, red or brown, depending on the age of the blood. Spotting occurs in between periods. In the real world, there are other circumstances calling for emergency contraception. This would typically occur days after having unprotected sex. Icing is not recommended in most cases. I didn't know when my depo shot was due, but Last Thursday I found out it was due last monday, the day after I had unprotected sex, I have never been pregnant so I have no idea what the symptoms are, I have been urinating a lot this past week, and also I have had extreme tiredness and headaches, but i also smoke cigarets.

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    Like with brown discharge, pink discharge is usually no cause for concern.


    I'm 7 days late for my period.


    Women who took levonorgestrel may be a little early; those who took ulipristal may be slightly late.


    Emergency contraception is just that — a good option in an emergency, but it's not a replacement for planned birth control protection.


    Both preparations should be taken within 72 hours of intercourse.


    Most women will get their period within three days of the expected date.