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Swety sex

Lynn sweated more as we drove getting her shirt wet with perspiration. I hugged her tighter pressed her breasts closer to me. I will tell her I have a movie date or something. Does my smell turn you on? I licked the sweat from her neck and shoulders making her shiver. This is something unreal, extraordinary, amazing! Lynn wiggled her hips against my mouth grinding her pussy against my face. This was on a Wednesday. Lynn did presenting her sweaty ass to me. My daddy fucking my ass.

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    Lynn put her hand down the front of her pants and rubbed her crotch.


    The crotch of her panties was wet with her sweat and juices. I was sweating as well.


    I can't take any more of that without cumming. Blanch returns the favor by finger banging Barbara's tight pussy, giving her an intense but healing orgasm that floods her muscles with relief.


    To my surprise and enjoyment Lynn secreted a transparent sweet tasting fluid. It was Mary, my wife, telling me she was going to do some shopping before she came home.


    Lynn screamed when I did this. Lynn did presenting her sweaty ass to me.


    It was Mary, my wife, telling me she was going to do some shopping before she came home.


    Beads of perspiration were showing on her dark hairs.