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Sex with a Pisces

Pisces needs sex drive. What Your Mars Sign Says About Your Sex Drive, Desire & Determination.

Pisces needs sex drive

The person who dares to challenge you can be the one who turns you on, and fiercely so, even if your values seem diametrically opposed! Mars in Virgo is the essence of serving energy so pleasing your lover and satisfying every sexual need is a turn on for you. You must be assured that your partner is thrilled before you can enjoy yourself. Mars in Virgo With Mars in Virgo your energy is refined and discriminating. Seduction is truly art form for you! Looking for a glamorous lifestyle is probably not your best path. At times, however, your desire to relieve the suffering of others could become so intense that it feels like a burden—and you may take on their problems as your own. You of all people have the ability to intrinsically know people. Then teach this methodology to those you see will make something of themselves. I think it is admirable how you are willing to take a cut in pay to do what you love to do.

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    This is an important aspect of your life and needs to be done with practicality and direction.


    The biggest change for you comes from your house of partners, spouses, best friends and litigants.


    But you can also go long spells without it!


    Who wants to play footsies? Everyone has their armor.


    Building up a toy drawer and a costume chest can bring playful fun and wacky humor to the bedroom: Jupiter is conjunct the north node in your solar 7th house which will bring you lots of opportunity to make a lasting connection in your life.


    Your birthdate meaning shows you have morals that are founded on your religious beliefs.


    Sensual touch and massages can be turn-ons—and so can those gentle or not so-gentle bites!


    Pisces February March 20 Yearly Horoscope You have one of the most changed charts for that I have seen thus far.


    On the other hand, you have a preference for what is different, weird or bizarre.


    The perfect partner is someone who makes you feel safe and gives you motivation to push ahead. Mars in Cancer With Mars in Cancer you have a sensitive and moody sexual energy.