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Sports and recreation Norwegians have the special advantages of abundant space and traditionally close contact with nature. The implements vary in shape and mostly are made of different kinds of stone; those of later periods are more skillfully made. Age eligibility[ edit ] Since , [6] skaters must be at least fifteen before July 1 of the previous year. They constituted 60 percent of the total score at national and international championships held in the s but had been reduced to 50 percent by The sport had a cramped and formal style until American Jackson Haines introduced his free and expressive techniques based on dance movement in the mids. The carvings at Alta in Finnmark, the largest in Scandinavia , were made at sea level continuously from to bce and mark the progression of the land as it rose from the sea after the last ice age. Entries do not carry over and so countries must continue to earn their second or third spot every year. Training for Olympic Gold won four world championships —84 as well as an Olympic gold medal in Training and injuries Most beginning skaters, whether children or adults, enroll in classes where they learn such basic skills as falling down, standing up, and forward and backward crossovers. The triple axel, the most difficult triple jump, was first landed in competition by Canadian Vern Taylor at the World Championships in Ottawa. Get Me Out of Here! Lipinski also dethroned Henie as the youngest female Olympic champion by winning the gold medal in when she was

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    Most movements are based on what are called school figures , the elements of which are curves and turns performed in a precise manner to form two or three connected circles.


    Norway has markedly increased its exports of furniture, enamelware, textiles, tableware, and jewelry, much of which incorporates design motifs reflecting these cultural heritages as well as avant-garde styles. Cultural institutions Permanent theatres have been established in several cities, and the state traveling theatre, the Riksteatret, organizes tours throughout the country, giving as many as 1, performances annually.


    The pair won their class and finished 4th overall in the hour endurance race.


    In the years of the Winter Olympics during the last few decades, when the World Championships are held around a month after the Olympic Games, there have been cases of the large proportion of Olympic medalists not attending.


    American Scott Hamilton see Sidebar: